Auctions | March 13, 2017

Civil War, Emblems, "Derriere le Miroir" at National Book Auctions

[ITHACA, NY] National Book Auctions, located in Ithaca, NY, announces the launch of their next auction catalog.  

This catalog features rare, antique and decorative books as well as select additions of artwork and ephemera. We will offer another session of books and ephemera from a large estate Civil War collection being sold through National Book Auctions and Worth Auctions over the coming months.          

Antique and rare books in this catalog include numerous titles. Among the earliest examples are a paired binding of works by Lycosthenes and Wolffhart, "Apophthegmata ex Probatis Graecae Latinae'que Linguae Scriptoribus" and "Parabolarum siue Smiiltudinum," produced in 1602, the 1693 printing of Temple's "Observations upon the United Provinces of the Netherlands," and the 1762 first edition of Rousseau's "Emile ou de l'Education," Additional rare pieces include Cibot and Guignes' "Lettre de Pekin sur le Genie de la Langue Chinoise," comparing Egyptian hieroglyphics to Chinese characters, published in 1773 with plates, the 1610 printing of David's "Duodecim Specula Deum," and Basnage's "Annales des Provinces Unies," printed in two folio volumes in 1726.                      

Several pleasing collections will also be showcased. Highlighted is a substantial collection of volumes relating to the use of emblems, dating from the 17th century and led by examples such as Reinzer's "Meteorologia Philosophico-Politica," published in 1709, and the 1631 printing of Hugo and Bolswert's "Pia Desideria Lib III ad Urbanum VIII." Civil War-related works include the 1864 printing of "The Fort Pillow Massacre," and Cooper's "In and out of Rebel Prisons." Vintage and antique tomes also include subject areas such as travel & exploration, the American West, the American Revolution, Native American Indians, music & art, history of New York City & State, and medicine.   

Found throughout this catalog are interesting art and ephemera offerings. Ephemera includes a fine selection of Civil War-related items such as a signed carte-de-visite of General Philip H. Sheridan, an original 1864 ferrotype Lincoln campaign pin, Confederate state loan certificates with coupons and original signatures, and much more. Additional ephemera and art lots include original works, photographs, stereoviews, original Life magazine issues (including the first issue from 1936 with the Margaret Bourke-White front cover), rare prints of photogravure works by Yousuf Karsh, original issues of "Derriere le Miroir" with the original lithographs retained, maps, antique magazines, and other items.   

National Book Auctions is a public auction service specializing in books, ephemera, and art. National Book Auctions is a targeted service offering experience and expertise unique to marketing antique and modern books and ephemera for consignors and collectors alike. The upcoming auctions will feature a wide assortment of collectible, signed, and first edition books. For more information, please contact the gallery at 607-269-0101 or email