Auctions | October 5, 2020

Catawiki’s Antique Bibles Auction Online

Amsterdam — There are old Bibles, and there are beautiful Bibles. In their newest auction theme, Catawiki have found a clutch of Bibles that fit into both categories. With the oldest work having been printed in 1493, and the newest mid 19th century, there is a wide variety of dates and expected prices.

Courtesy of Catawiki

The oldest, is the beautiful edition of Nicolaus de Lyra which has a number of attractive woodcuts. Among the newer Bibles, there are some beautifully illustrated editions, such as this lovely 1704 Dutch Bible with fabulous maps.

The auction will be online through 8th October at 18:01 UTC and will be visible at the following link:

Marc Harrison, category manager Books, Manuscripts & Cartography at Catawiki: “Bibles were amongst the earliest printed items, and many are lavishly illustrated. Whether beginning or collection or adding to it, it is one of the most rewarding areas of bibliographic collecting.”