California Calls You -- 2010 California Rare Book School Schedule

There are so many times I wished I had a bricks and mortar bookshop -- to interact with customers every day, to be able to play with displays of books, and to have the sense that I am, indeed, a real bookseller.

There are numerous reasons why that's not a practical thought at this stage in my life -- one of which is the fact that I want to be home after school and on weekends, when my kids are home, and not at a shop across town. Still, if I had a brick and mortar shop, I could also hang up beautiful posters about books, like this one, in the window:

Then I realize that my website and this blog are a sort of virtual store. Pretend that you're walking down the street (to your favorite bookseller, natch) and you see the above poster in the window of her shop. ;)

I attended the California Rare Book School, held at UCLA each summer, two summers ago, taking the Books in the Far West course taught by Gary Kurutz of the California State Library (and, not coincidentally, author of the book California Calls You among others). I had a wonderful time and highly recommend it to collectors, booksellers, and librarians. I am already plotting how I can fit in another week away so I can return to Cal RBS. And, yes, some scholarships are available. Go for it!

See you in the stacks!