Bright Young Things: Zoltan Földvári

Our series profiling the next generation of antiquarian booksellers continues today with Zoltan Földvári, proprietor of Földvári Antikvárium in Budapest.


NP: How did you get started in rare books?

ZF: I was always interested in avant-garde art and I started to collect Hungarian avant-garde books when I was 14.

NP: When did you open Földvári Antikarium and what do you specialize in?

ZF: Beside collecting I was also trading and for that reason I founded Földvári Books in 2007. First I was specialized in avant-garde, literature and philosophy, later the fields has been broadened so now I also trade with books and manuscripts from the 16th to the 20th century in various fields.

NP: Could you tell us about the rare book trade in Hungary? What's it like?

ZF: In Hungary most of the antiquarian book stores are not specialized in any field and they are both trading with rare and used books.

NP: Do you source most of your books within Hungary or do you travel abroad to find books?

ZF: I buy books in Hungary from collectors, and I also travel in Europe, America, and Asia to find books.

NP: What's your favorite rare book that you've handled?

ZF: Always the recent acquisition is my favorite.

NP: What do you personally collect?

ZF: It is not easy to create the harmony between collecting and trading, but I'm working on this and continued to collect rare avant-garde editions.

NP: Thoughts on the future of the book trade?

ZF: There will only be market for scarce and important books.

NP: Any catalogues / fairs coming up?

ZF: I have participated at the California Antiquarian Book Fair in February. The next fairs in 2013 are Paris and London.