Bright Young Collectors: Madison Rootenberg

Our Bright Young Collectors series continues today with Madison Rootenberg of Durham, North Carolina, who collects unicorn books.

mrootenberg for byc.jpg
Where are you from / where do you live?

Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA and currently living in Durham, NC.

What did you study at University? What do you do now for an occupation?

I went to Emerson College for Writing, Literature and Publishing and I am currently the Assistant Youth, Family and Camp Director at the Levin Jewish Community Center in Durham-Chapel Hill.
Please introduce us to your book collection.  What areas do you collect in? 

When I was 5 years old I was in London with my grandparents for a book fair, and they had asked me what I wanted to start collecting. I found a sticker on the side of a building as we were leaving saying, "Save the Unicorns" and decided the only way to do that was to collect all of the books on them ever written!

How many books are in your collection? 

Oh goodness, over 100, I've lost count.

What was the first book you bought for your collection? 

I believe it was an Animal Encyclopedia from the 1400's that had a section on unicorns.

How about the most recent book? 

A collection of hand-painted pages from children's books that all contain a unicorn. 

And your favorite book in your collection? 

A miniature book that is less than an inch big!

How about the One that Got Away? 

Still looking for a manuscript of "The Last Unicorn." I have it on both VHS and DVD though. 

What would be the Holy Grail for your collection? 

Supposedly the British Library recently found a cook book from medieval times containing a section on how to cook a unicorn. This proves they were real, right?!

Who is your favorite bookseller? 

My dad and grandparents of course! B & L Rootenberg Rare Books and Manuscripts.

What would you collect if you didn't collect books? 

If I had the space, dogs! Every pitbull on the street or in a pound. Hopefully I'll have a farm one day and can start rescuing more. 

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