News | May 27, 2016

Antiques Roadshow Kicks Off New Summer Vintage Episodes

BOSTON, MA, May 26, 2016-In all-new summer Vintage episodes, ANTIQUES ROADSHOW looks back at memorable objects from previous shows to discover what they are worth today and how the market and their value has changed. As a hint, one has increased in value to nearly $1 million!

"One of my favorite appraisals, and a favorite of fans and ROADSHOW staff, is revisited this summer in our Vintage episode premiere," said ANTIQUES ROADSHOW Executive Producer Marsha Bemko. "We always say this very special family heirloom appraisal makes us cry every time, but my reaction was much different when the updated value was revealed! I can't wait for fans to see this and other surprises coming up as part of ROADSHOW's Vintage summer."

This appraisal shares the touching story of how one of the finest examples of early Navajo blankets made its way to the guests' family, reportedly gifted by frontier legend Kit Carson. To watch the original appraisal of the Mid-19th Century Navajo Ute First Phase Blanket from ROADSHOW's first trip to Tucson, Arizona in 2001, click here. 

Beginning with Vintage Tucson on June 20 at 8/7c PM on PBS, the Season 20 Vintage episodes also feature updates to New York, New York; Indianapolis, Indiana; New Orleans, Louisiana; San Diego, California, and Miami, Florida.

A few highlights of other memorable items revisited in ANTIQUES ROADSHOW's Vintage Season 20 include:

  • An 1888 Winslow Homer etching, gifted to the guest by his mother who had kept the piece under a bed for 15-20 years.
  • A 20th-century autographed electric guitar signed by 150 musicians, including some of the biggest names in rock, country, blue grass and jazz.
  •  A 1654 etching that hung on the family wall for 25 years until ROADSHOW revealed if it was in fact a real Rembrandt.