Exhibit | May 31, 2012

Alexander Neubauer's Joyce Collection On View

Glenn Horowitz Bookseller, Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of a world class James Joyce collection, with material for sale individually and on view by appointment in our Manhattan offices and in our East Hampton gallery throughout the summer.

This collection, comprised of over 100 books, letters, photographs, and manuscripts by and about Joyce, was built over the course of thirty years by writer and editor Alexander Neubauer, who, drawn to Joyce’s prose, bought his first Joyce piece after high school, in the summer of 1977, on his first visit to Shakespeare & Company in Paris.

This important trove documents Joyce’s life and work. From a school photograph of him at the age of 7 with classmates who would become characters in A Portrait of the Artists as a Young Man, and books he owned in school, to a portrait taken of him by Man Ray the year Ulysses was published; from letters to Nora Barnacle - who would become, soon after, Nora Joyce - scheduling dates, to correspondence with his publisher; from early works through Finnegans Wake, to books he inscribed to friends, to books from his library. “Taken together,” writes Neubauer in his preface to the catalogue illustrated with color photographs by David Levinthal, available in limited and deluxe issues, “they suggest evidence of an overarching theme: that despite all efforts to appear a man guarded by ‘silence, exile, and cunning,’ Joyce throughout his life chose to be dependent on a world of connections, a circle of confederates.”