December 29, 2022
‘For Immediate Release: The Art of the Press Release’ showcases a selection of press releases and promo-texts from fourteen iconic fashion practitioners over time, at the
November 22, 2022
Virginia Woolf is the focus of the latest free exhibition opening at The New York Public Library.
November 9, 2022
The Smithsonian Libraries and Archives presents a new exhibition, “Nature of the Book,” at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History November
November 7, 2022
Painted by a single artist, the Códice Maya de México is the oldest surviving book in the Americas and records the movements of the planet Venus across its cycles as Morning and Evening Star, a jou
October 26, 2022
Minnesota Center for Book Arts is pleased to announce an exhibition featuring the recipients of our sixteenth series of the MCBA/Jerome Foundation Book Art
October 21, 2022
London, British Library - Chinese and British (November 18, 2022 – April 23, 2023).
October 21, 2022
New York - In 2022, Les Enluminures celebrates its tenth year in New York with an exhibition of exceptional medieval
October 20, 2022
London, British Library - Alexander the Great: The Making of a Myth (October 21 2022 – February 19 2023), supp
October 17, 2022
New York – The Morgan Library & Museum proudly presents She Who Wrote: Enheduanna and Women of Mesopotamia, ca.