Alex Johnson's Bookshelf

Bookshelf.jpgYesterday was the official publication day for Alex Johnson's new book, Bookshelf. Some of you may know Johnson's long-running blog of the same name, which highlights interesting and unique bookcases around the world. This book is a beautifully illustrated version of that. Wooden, steel, or composite; single shelf or intricate unit; form or function -- this book lays out hundreds of options for those of us who are always running out of shelf space.

The Puckman from Studio Ginepro, below, is a whimsical shelf that pays tribute to one of our favorite childhood activities. It's available in white or black, but who wouldn't opt for the yellow?

Puckman_2010_web.jpgThe Ready Made from Amsterdam-based Next Architects is so called because it features a facade (leather, with gold tooling, no less) of one hundred classic books that one can gently press in and replace with real books. A cool idea, but perhaps best left to the couture crowd.

Readymade.jpgI couldn't quite get on board with the Library Bath from Malin Lundmark--it's an idea that is both so wrong and so right--but I did like the Book Case from Makeshift. Essentially it's a suitcase with three shelves inside. Heavier than your e-reader, but a much more civilized way to travel with your library.

bookcase3.jpgAs for me, I received a new bookshelf for my birthday this past weekend. I had been interested in something small that would fit next to my desk and hold all of the books I'm currently working on for several different projects. I imagined a library book truck with style. What I got was this Eiffel revolving bookstand, which is quite perfectly suited to the task and handsome, too.