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Wednesday, October 26th, 2022

150 Heroic & Notorious Autographs: Dreyfus Collection, UK Royals, Women, Medical Pioneers, Composers, Jurists & Artists

A magnificent offering of important material about the Dreyfus Affair including twelve, UNPUBLISHED COURTROOM SKETCHES from the 1899 trial at RENNES; an ADMISSION PASS to attend the trial; signed photograph and letters by ALFRED DREYFUS (one to the widow of Germany’s military attaché in Paris, Schwartzkoppen); letters and a signed book by GEORGES-MARIE PICQUART (and GEORGE CLEMENCEAU) during the Affair; examples from FERDINAND ESTERHAZY, DU PATY DE CLAM, FERDINAND LABORI, JOSEPH REINACH, ANATOLE FRANCE, MAXIMILIAN VON SCHWARTZKOPPEN, and EMILE ZOLA’S famous quotation from “J’Accuse...!” – “Truth is on the march, and nothing can stop it.” 


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Lion Heart Autographs - Online Auction