The Life Cycle of Collections - Webinar

Monday, May 2nd, 2022

The Lifecycle of Collections and the Collectors Who Build Them
Join Collections Advisor, Spencer W. Stuart, as he discusses the life cycle of collections and the collectors who build them.

Moderated by Manuscript Monday host, Brian Kathenes, Spencer will share case studies and cover:

The important things collectors should consider at key moments of their collecting.
Motivations to collect
Who collects and what influences their focus
Maintaining perspective while actively collecting
The legacy of a collection and de-accessioning strategies
Recent structural changes in the fine art photography, rare books and printed material markets
Collecting is a journey. Executed with foresight, it can be a source of both self-exploration and understanding of the World.

Spencer’s presentation is designed to inspire new collectors and reinvigorate those with an established focus.

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