May 2016 | Nate Pedersen

London Tube Map Given Shakespearian Makeover


As part of the ongoing Shakespeare commemorations this year marking the 400th anniversary of the playwright's death, Transport for London has teamed up with Shakespeare's Globe to create a special map of the London Underground. 

All 367 stations across the Underground - as well as the 14 Underground Lines - have had their usual names replaced with characters from Shakespeare's plays in a special edition map. Instead of taking the Northern or the Bakerloo Lines, you can jump on board the Villains or Heroines Lines instead.

Station names along the way have had their names changed to match the theme of the line. So, the Central Line, which on the Shakespeare map is called the Lovers Line, has stations such as Hortensio and Juliet. Meanwhile, the Jubilee Line, labeled the Fathers and Kings Line, has stops at King Lear and Shylock.

"To think about navigating the plays in the same way we think about getting around the Underground reminds us that as complex as they are, the works of Shakespeare are entirely accessible to everyone," said Farah Karim-Cooper, head of research at Shakespeare's Globe, in an interview with The Independent.

Maps are available for £3.99 in a regular tube map edition or £15 for a special art print.