March 2011 | Jonathan Shipley

How Much Did Archie Comics #1 Sell for Recently at Auction?

Quite a fact, a world record.

From a piece in Art Daily...

"Archie may have a ways to go to catch the likes of Superman and Batman, his Golden Age counterparts," said Lon Allen, Managing Director of Comics at Heritage, "but you can bet that collectors sat up and took notice when this comic brought that price. This amount exceeds the priciest of Spidey and Hulk comic books we've sold, which brought in excess of $125,000 each."

In fact, George Pantela of GPAnalysis (which tracks all sales of CGC-certified comics), has confirmed that this is the highest price ever paid for a non-superhero comic book. It sold to a West Coast collector who chose not to be identified by name.

"I've been collecting Archies for 40 years," the collector said, "and over the years I've become much more selective as far as condition. I've been looking for a high-grade Archie #1 for some time, and this is the first I've come across that I'd feel good about owning. It's not going to leave my possession until I die."