Auctions | April 1, 2016

Harper Lee Letter on her Disdain for Trump's Taj Mahal Sells for $3,926

LOS ANGELES, March 31, 2016 - Harper Lee letters condemning Donald Trump’s Taj Mahal sold for $3,926 tonight at Nate D. Sanders auction. Bidding for the letter began at $750. There were 11 bids on the letter. Twenty-four of Lee’s letters to her friends sold for a total of $33,556.  

Doris and Bill Leapard were co-founders of the Arts Council of Tuscaloosa. Harper Lee wrote the back-cover blurb for Doris Leapard’s 1999 memoir. Lee regularly corresponded with the Leapards  about politics and life. Lee expressed to Leapard her discontent with a visitor writing, “…the worst punishment God can devise for this sinner is to make her spirit reside eternally at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City…”  

Lee’s highest selling letter on the civil rights movement sold for $4,753 and attracted 16 bids. Lee thanked her friend Doris Leapard for providing her with civil rights icon Vivian Malone’s autograph in a 1999 letter. Malone was one of the first African-Americans to attend the University of Alabama. Lee wrote in part, “I shall treasure [the autograph] always. Looking back, it's incredible what people had to endure just for their basic rights. Today's young haven't a clue what their parents went through; they seem bored to hear about it...Nelle.''

Also featured in the auction were Lee’s letters to long-time fan Don Salter in the 1990’s. Salter wrote to Lee after reading a “Kill a Mockingbird” for the first time. They remained friends for four decades. 

Bidding for each letter began at $750. Additional information on the letters can be found at

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