Film Review: Proceed and Be Bold!

Several weeks ago, I reviewed an excellent new documentary called Typeface. Over this past weekend, I had the chance to see another fantastic documentary about letterpress printing. Proceed and Be Bold follows Amos Paul Kennedy Jr., who, at the age of 40, gave up a rather comfortable life to follow his dream of becoming a master printer. The film was released in late 2008, but is still screening all over the country. By turns provocative and poignant, Kennedy's story is an inspiring one. Produced and directed by Laura Zinger of 20k Films, Proceed and Be Bold will be of interest to all you book- and print-loving readers out there (and your spouses too). At the center is this delightful character--in his overalls--who doesn't play by anyone's rules, but we also get a look at the world of art printing and how it is evolving.   

But don't just take my word for it, enjoy a short preview here.

And, one last thing: Kennedy's bold prints are available online. Browse his poster gallery.