Exhibit | January 11, 2012

Les Enluminures Presents Flemish Manuscript Illumination

PARIS-The gallery Les Enluminures in Paris has announced its Spring exhibition:  “Flemish Manuscript Illumination.”

Owner and President of Les Enluminures, Paris and Chicago, Dr. Sandra Hindman says, “This exhibition coincides with the seasonal exhibition on “Miniatures Flamandes 1404-1482” jointly organized by the Bibliothèque Royale in Brussels and the Bibliothèque nationale de France in Paris.  The Brussels venue took place from September 30 to December 31, 2011. The Paris exhibition opens March 6 and closes on June 10, 2012.”
Les Enluminures, located in the Louvre des Antiquaires, opposite the Louvre Museum, will exhibit 30 works of art from the fifteenth century simultaneous with the Paris event (at Tolbiac).

Highlights include works by artists Simon Marmion, called in his day the “prince of illumination,” Willem Vrelant, who worked for the court, the municipality, as well as wealthy Europeans outside Bruges, and the Master of Mary of Burgundy, a lyrical illumination that was last on the market in 1884, among others.

Hindman says, “Featured items testify to the refined and lavish patronage of the Burgundian dukes and duchesses, including Philip the Bold, Philip the Good, and Charles the Bold and Margaret of York. Urban centers of production and monastic patronage are also explored in Les Enluminure’s exhibition."

“This exhibition gives us an opportunity to display some of our Flemish manuscripts and miniatures that are related to the incomparable treasures belonging to libraries in Brussels and Paris. The exhibition has special meaning and importance to me because I studied closely with the great L.M.J. Delaissé, who organized the landmark exhibition of Flemish manuscript illumination in Brussels in 1959, called “Le Siècle d’or.”  I myself have published extensively on the topic. These two exhibitions in Brussels and Paris are designed as a sort of update of what is new in Flemish illumination 52 years later.”

March 6 - June 10 2012
Les Louvre des Antiquaires,
2 Place du Palais-Royal,  75001 Paris (France)
Tel: +33 1 42 60 15 58 info@lesenluminures.com   www.lesenluminures.com