Recent Publications | May 12, 2015

New Folio Society Edition of Philip K. Dick&#8217;s <i>The Man in the High Castle</i>


The Folio Society announces the publication of a new edition of the Hugo award-winning The Man in the High Castle. Considered Philip K. Dick’s greatest novel, when first published in 1962 this mind-bending work redefined the sci-fi genre.

In it Dick conjured a new vision of our world—a twisted simulacrum of modern history in which the Axis Powers have won the Second World War. America is now divided: the eastern United States is a puppet of the German Reich—a regime of madness and brutality—while the western Pacific seaboard is governed by a militaristic, yet spiritual, Japanese dictatorship. Amongst the complexities of this new existence, a group of seemingly unremarkable people play out their everyday lives. As their narratives intersect, Dick poses larger metaphysical questions concerning the authentication of history, perception and the building blocks of destiny.

This edition features the work of Shanghai-born Shan Jiang, lead illustrator at the design group Shotopop. His graphic images, strongly influenced by Japanese manga and comic book art, channel the text’s melding of cultures. The cover design depicts the fictitious Nippon Times Building in San Francisco, with the book’s title emblazoned in Japanese characters on a setting sun.

Product information

Three-quarter-bound in cloth with a Modigliani paper side, printed and blocked with a design by Shotopop; slipcase blocked with a design by Shotopop.
Set in Utopia with Market Street Neon. 272 pages. 8 full-page colour illustrations. 9 ? x 61??4 ?.

UK £29.95 US $54.95 Can/Aus $59.95 Published 12 May 2015