October 5, 2012

“Interrogating Book Structure” at the Center for Book Arts

CLAREMONT, CA (October 4, 2012) — Kitty Maryatt, director of the Scripps College Press, lectures on “Interrogating Book Structure” on Oct. 26 at 6:30 p.m. at the Center for Book Arts, 28 W. 27th Street, 3rd Floor, in Manhattan. She also presents a workshop at the center on Oct 27-28. Both events are open to the public for a fee.
             Maryatt will have an exhibition at the center beginning Oct. 3 through Dec. 15. Maryatt’s exhibition and the title of her lecture is “Interrogating Book Structure.” The title of her workshop is “Expressive Hand Typesetting: Illiazd as a Role Model.” There will also be an exhibit of Scripps College Press books at the New York Center for Book Arts during those same dates.
            An assistant professor of art at Scripps College, Maryatt has been invited to serve as the Sally Bishop Fellow, an honor the Manhattan book center awards once a year. Through the fellowship, Maryatt will give a lecture, present an exhibition and organize a workshop. The lecture is $10. For more information, please visit centerforbookarts.org/.
             In addition, Maryatt will lecture on Oct. 18 at 3 p.m. at the Book Club of California conference “Way Out West.” For more information, please visit www.bccbooks.org/.

Founded in 1941, the Scripps College Press offers students from The Claremont Colleges an opportunity to design and print original books. Scripps College supports one of the longest-running collegiate book arts programs in the nation. It is the only undergraduate program where students publish, print by letterpress and bind their limited edition books by hand before they are sold to the 56 standing-order patrons and institutional collectors. More information on the Scripps College Press may be obtained by clicking here.