Recent Publications | April 8, 2010

Gunter Grass Limited Edition

Gunter Grass Joins List of Nobel Authors Published by Oak Tree Fine Press
German author Günter Grass’ strident and powerful 1999 Nobel Lecture, ‘To be Continued…’ is to be published in a signed limited edition to raise money for children made vulnerable by poverty and HIV/AIDS in Africa. The book follows on from the Press’ publication last year of Doris Lessing’s 2007 Lecture, On Not Winning the Nobel Prize.  Grass is the latest in a long list of prize winning authors to be published by the press, which was founded with the assistance of J. M. Coetzee in 2005.
The publication is a timely one. ‘To be Continued…’ is a formidable attack on greed and the political elite. Personal recollections and literary references pepper the text, underscoring the perpetual relevance of its message. Among the most vivid images is the suggestion that Jonathan Swift’s “modest culinary proposal for relieving hunger in Ireland could be brought up to date if at the next economic summit the board set for the heads of state were groaning with lusciously prepared street children from Brazil or southern Sudan”. Grass’ compelling, colourful mix of nostalgia, satire and defiance delivers a battle cry against censorship and injustice which will echo down the generations.
The book is published in a fine press edition limited to 176 copies, of which 26 are hand bound in leather, with endpapers illustrated by the author. Each copy is signed by Günter Grass and includes a frontispiece portrait of the author engraved by Abigail Rorer.

Oak Tree Fine Press was established through the support of Nobel Laureate J. M. Coetzee to raise money to help care for the many thousands of children made vulnerable by HIV and AIDS.  It produces one-off signed editions by world leading authors, accompanied by sensitive artistic interpretations. All profits go to selected charities.  Authors published by the Press include:
·                     J. M. Coetzee          ·   Doris Lessing                ·   John le Carré
·                     Nadine Gordimer     ·   Barry Unsworth              ·   Philip Pullman
·                     Margaret Atwood
Authors to be published by the Press in 2010:
·         Thomas Keneally       ·    A. S. Byatt           ·   Toni Morrison