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Wednesday, October 26th, 2022

Arts of the Islamic World & India including Fine Rugs and Carpets
Sale #L22223

This autumn’s sale showcases the wondrous heritage left by artists active under Islamic patronage, from Spain and North Africa to the Middle East, Central Asia to India, and beyond.

We are honoured to present an exquisite leaf from the incomparable Shahnameh of Shah Tahmasp (r.1524-76), universally recognised as a monumental achievement of artistic skill, the zenith of Persian arts of the book. Attributed to the artist Mirza ‘Ali, the illustrated page demonstrates his mastery of both the figural and the natural, as the large composition spills into the margins, creating a captivating scene, filled with mesmerising detail.

Dating to the early Islamic period come two exceptionally rare tenth-twelfth century objects from both the east and west Mediterranean regions: a Fatimid calligraphic pottery jar, the finest surviving relic of lustreware produced in the early second millennium, and an Andalusian bronze multi-wick lamp stand, with decoration comprising animals, openwork vegetal motifs, and nielloed calligraphy. Other metalwork highlights include two silver-inlaid works of art from twelfth-century Herat: a penbox and ewer, the latter comprising delicate zodiacal designs, a highly ornate Safavid astrolabe signed by the master ‘Abd al-Aimma, and a near-complete set of early Islamic horse trappings, in superb condition.

From the Indian subcontinent, and appearing for the first time at auction, Betsy Salinger’s captivating collection of Indian Miniatures channels the mastery and lyricism of the Pahari, Rajasthani, Mughal and Deccani schools. This carefully curated selection of works is an ode to the virtuosity and diversity of Indian miniature art, as well as the taste and erudition of its collector.

An exceptional assortment of manuscripts and illustrations includes a monumental Qur’an leaf on vellum dating to the eighth century, a ravishing sixteenth-century Safavid Qur’an copied by a student of 'Ala al-Din Muhammad Tabrizi, and a dazzling double-sided page from the Imperial Mughal manuscript the Tarikh-i Alfi, ‘The History of a Thousand Years’.


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