Dreweatts Auctions

Monday, May 17th, 2021

Space Exploration Photography and Ephemera

Dreweatts are proud to offer a stunning collection of over 600 photographs charting the history of mankind's endeavours into space - from the dawn of the space age to the last men on the moon. Included in the sale are many key milestones - historic moments captured on film, such as the first humans in space, first spacewalks, first moon landing – and lasts, including the very last departure from the moon.

The sale charts the remarkable journey from space exploration being a far-fetched concept to a breath-taking reality. “Per aspera ad astra” - you will see behind the curtain and bear witness to the incredible collective efforts of thousands of people that put propelled man on a voyage to the moon. Ahead of the auction Dreweatts Autographs and Ephemera specialist, Ania Hanrahan looks at some of the highlights.

Unless otherwise stated, all photographs are vintage prints on fibre-based paper. Resin-coated paper and the watermark "This Paper Manufactured by Kodak” were gradually introduced in the years 1971-1972.  The watermark is always stated in the cataloguing description and, where the clarity of the watermark allowed, represented in the supplied image. Additional images can be provided on request.


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