Morphy Auctions' May Premier Antique Advertising Sales Event Tops $1.7 Million

62.jpgDenver, Pennsylvania, July 2016 - Collectors enjoyed a “Coke and a Smile” over this amazing sale held on May 21st-22nd, 2016.  Nearly 1,300 outstanding lots - with many one of a kind items - were on offer.  And the results were refreshing indeed. Overall, 11 lots realized $10,000-$19,999; 3 lots realized $20,000-49,999; and 2 lots topped $50,000!  All prices reported include Morphy's 22% buyer’s premium.

Collectors took this sale’s remarkable selections of original Cola-Cola art to heart.  Lot 219, a c. 1949 Coca-Cola original oil painting featuring Edgar Bergen and his ventriloquist doll Charlie McCarthy, took center stage to realize $53,680.  Lot 234, a 1940's Coca-Cola original gouache painting of a woman enjoying a Coca-Cola with lunch, whetted appetites enough to realize $15,250.  And lot 309, a rare 1930's large Coca-Cola original painting featuring an attractive woman in a matching dress and hat, charmed its way to $50,020.  This artwork would have served as the basis for a large horizontal poster.

All signs suggest that this sale’s collection of Coca-Cola signage was simply astonishing.  Tin was in with lot 413, an exceptional, 1926 embossed “Gas Today” sign and lot 343, a 1926 embossed oval sign featuring a beautiful woman.  They realized $10,370 and $17,080 respectively.  Preferred porcelain picks include lot 850, a dark green bordered triangular sign in near mint condition which realized $21,960 and lot 485, a late 1930's-40's two-sided cutout sidewalk sign which strolled to $23,180 - more than three times its low estimate.  The heat was on lot 62, an exceedingly rare 1920's cardboard sign made for the Canadian market which featured a thermometer as a focal point.  It soared to $13,420.  And collectors clearly thirsted for lot 460, a rare 1930's “National Recovery Act” sign which realized $15,860 and lot 898, an exceedingly rare 1940's lighted sign which realized $12,200.

This auction event also offered antique signage from both legacy as well as little-known consumer brands.  Lot 1084, a rare 1930’s- 40’s porcelain Orange Crush sign, juiced up bidders to realize $6,100.  Lot 1119, a 1940's-50's Vernor's Ginger Ale embossed tin sign bubbled up to $4, 880 - over four times its low estimate.   And there’s much to be learned from lot 1261, a rare Professor Morse sign promoting the company’s cigars.  Once the smoke cleared, this circa 1905-1915 sign went on to realize $12,220.

Archival quality Coca-Cola advertising specialties, consumer ephemera, displays, and other one-of-a-kind treasures rounded out this exceptional sale.  Lot 577, a 1930’s sterling silver Coca-Cola display bottle given to the executive that oversaw the construction of the ocean-liner inspired bottling plant in downtown Los Angeles, was a heavy-metal favorite, realizing $35,380.  And things got hot under the collar with lot 841, a Coca-Cola branded tin thermometer.  This 1950’s rarity earned its degree at $11,590, almost six times its low estimate.  

According to Dan Morphy, President of Morphy Auctions, Robert Newman’s collection was outstanding both for its scope and quality.  Many of his items were in practically like-new condition.  This is extremely rare in the antique advertising categories.  It was a fantastic opportunity to work with Mr. Newman in helping him deaccession this world class grouping.  And enthusiasts from all over the world certainly took notice of the outstanding merchandise on offer.  The original artwork featuring Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy was truly in a class by itself.  It will be a very long time - if ever - that something like that will hit the auction block again!”

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