Recent Publications | October 1, 2018

Center for Book Arts Partners with Rockport Publishers to Publish "Bookforms"

The Center for Book Arts has created an innovative guide to book binding. Partnering with Rockport Publishers, The Center worked with book artists from their community to create this comprehensive tome.

When, Rockport Publishers contacted the Center for Book Arts in hopes of collaborating on a new publication about book binding, Education Studio Manager Anne Muntges, immediately reached out to the Center’s group of core book binders. Four of The Center’s most talented artists came together and developed this book with guidance from Judith Cressy, Acquiring Editor at Rockport Publishers in Quarto Publishing Group.

Artists Ana Cordeiro, Celine Lombardi, Sarah Smith, and Elizabeth Sheehan come together in Bookforms, A Complete Guide to Designing and Crafting Hand-Bound Books to instruct readers on how to bind many types of books from start to finish. Additional contributions from Biruta Auna, Lauren Clay, Kyle Holland, Lee Marchalonis, and Sarah Nicholls bring valuable additions to this resource. Readers will learn about the history of the structures covered, their best uses, and projects to try for each structure. Quarto’s description of the book says, “Bookforms tackles a wide range of projects for all levels of bookbinders. You'll see everything from sewn blank books and traditional western codex book forms, Asian stab-sewn bindings, to more unusual book structures. What better time to dive into this venerable and unique hobby than now?”

Anne Muntges shared, “It is tremendously rewarding to have these brilliant binders, who are the core of the community at the Center for Book Arts, gather their wisdom and skills in one place to help inspire those learning, or relearning to bind books. I am humbled by their breadth of knowledge and could not be more excited to have this book go out into the world.” It certainly has been a wonderful opportunity to share the unique space, tools, and knowledge available at the Center.

“The Quarto Group has a long history of publishing many important titles on the art of book making, and we are thrilled to add Bookforms, by the instructors at the Center for Book Arts in New York, to the list,” said Mary Ann Hall, Editorial Director, Quarry Books and Rockport Publishers. “This book fully explains a wide variety of binding styles from around the world with a keen focus on functionality. Packed with elegant and detailed photographs and illustrations, we are certain this beautifully designed book will become a must-have, collectible volume for anyone interested in this timeless art form."