Recent Publications | May 22, 2014

Binderij Hexspoor Introduces Complete Binding Collection


May 2014—Boxtel, The Netherlands. Which bookbinding technique to use, for which purpose? It is hard to find the answers to that question. Hexspoor summarizes them in a beautifully designed collection of twenty softcover binding techniques.


20 beautifully designed books, each with different paper types and finishing, representing as many binding methods. Each book contains a page with explanations in Dutch and English on the technique used and the advantages and disadvantages. An additional poster gives an overview of all graphic binding techniques in one-liners. The books are finished in the fairly standard PUR, cold glue and hotmelt in sewn or perfect binding, as well as the specials: Otabind, Otastar, Japanese and Swiss.

From this week, the collection can be ordered online at

At the London Book Fair the first collection was handed to Robin Kinross of Hyphen Press, a publishing company that specializes in graphic design. Robin Kinross has also edited the English translation.

The collection was made possible by Ruig Werk (design), Kurz, Repro Hermans and Finishing Touch (processing), Kilsdonk (box), Schomaker (tab-cutting), and the books are manufactured with high quality paper from the range of the Italian manufacturer Fedrigoni.

Binderij Hexspoor is a bookbinder specializing in producing softcovers. Hexspoor has been well known for years as the leader when it comes to creativity, quality and good communication. Hexspoor is the largest binder in the Netherlands and produces approximately 30 million books annually. For the larger volumes the challenge is: creativity in efficiency. Solutions such as 2-up and coming / going, flaps equal inline also provide an excellent economical solution.