LIFECYCLES: Collecting & Collections | Online 3 Part Series

Thursday, October 1st, 2020 - Thursday, October 15th, 2020

Spencer W Stuart, Collections Advisor, to give 3 one-hour webinar sessions for collectors, dealers, and librarians/curators alike.

Collecting is a journey. Executed with foresight, it can be a source of both self-exploration and understanding of the World. Done under influence and imitation, collections can come to represent expensive, burdensome wastes of time in the eyes of its beholder.

Lifecycles: Collecting & Collections is a three-part program that analyzes the process of collecting into three distinct passages. Drawing from professional experience, Collections Advisor, Spencer W Stuart, examines the questions collectors have at these pivotal moments and available options to develop techniques of collecting.

These one-hour webinars will be expanding on his introductory sessions delivered in April and June of this year, taking a deeper dive into the three distinct phases of collecting outlined in his Lifecycles program. With more case studies and methodologies, this Series will offer a multi-perspectival approach to building collections of fine art and rare print material.

Lifecycles covers the complete timeline of a collector and the lifecycle of their collections. It discusses the initial attractions that move one to collect through to the steps one must take to ensure a collection's legacy beyond one's very personal time and place.

3 - Part Series on Thursdays at 2pm:

Oct 1st - Setting Out
Oct 8th - You're a Collector
Oct 15th - Late Stage Collecting

Spencer W. Stuart, Collections Advisor