Erin McPherson

Letters at Forum’s September sale offer a rare look at the Beatles’ time in India.
Hindman Auctions’ November sale promises fascinating finds.
Photos of Oscar Wilde and Thomas Edison, plus an interesting collection of maps, round out Skinner’s diverse November sale.
Thousands of pages available at Swann Galleries’ September sale tell stories from the Underground Railroad and West Virginia’s salt mines.
Born a Quaker in North Carolina, Zachariah Taylor Shugart (1805-1881) spent most of his life in the Midwest, by way of Indiana, Michigan, and Iowa, according to Rick Stattler, director of the Books
Sponsored by Profiles in History. In 1901, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote a prequel to his Sherlock Holmes series, marking the return of the famed character nearly eight years after the detective’s…