Oliver Darkshire

March 13, 2023
The Institute of English Studies (IES) runs a series of lectures and seminars on book collecting, bibliophilia and the book trade, with speakers in
December 30, 2022
As the year comes to a close, we like to look back on the stories that particularly appealed to our readers, a list that includes Bob Dylan, bookish cookies, and sea monsters — go figure!
December 14, 2022
In our current issue, five new books about books appear on the Editor’s Shelf.
October 25, 2022
Comedian and science popularizer Robin Ince was all set for an arena tour in 2021 until Covid hit, forcing its cancellation.
October 18, 2022
The collision of old and new technologies has produced many intriguing partnerships and Oliver Darkshire
July 6, 2022
Our Bright Young Booksellers series continues today with Oliver Darkshire of Hen