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What do a musical manuscript signed by Beethoven, a photograph of violin virtuoso Isaac Stern, and just-launched software have in common? All three will make their debuts at booth 505 at the California Antiquarian Book Fair, courtesy of Schubertiade Music & Arts co-founders Gabe Boyers and Drew Massey.

What's software got to do

Over the past weekend, New York City hosted three antiquarian book fairs. I set out to cover as much ground as possible -- perusing booths, meeting booksellers and collectors, and, inevitably, keeping an eye out for books to add to my collection(s).



“It has become trendy to

Last week, a national colloquium on special collections was held at Case Western Reserve University's Kelvin Smith Library. Acknowledging the Past, Forging the Future, a two-day event, brought together librarians, private book collectors, and antiquarian booksellers.

Guest Post: A Second Book of Booksellers, by Jerry Morris

I don't claim to be a connoisseur of books about books. But I am a collector of them, having over 1000 books about books in my library. And I enjoy reading and writing about them in my blogs. I also love recommending the very good ones. And Sheila Markham's book, A Second Book of Booksellers: Conversations with