July 27, 2016—The Library of Congress Junior Fellows Summer Interns today presented more than 100 rare and unique items from 17 Library divisions. The display provides the opportunity for fellows to discuss the historic significance of the collection items they have researched and processed during their 10-week internships. Examples include:

  • An Olmec ceramic figurine (900-1200 BCE), the oldest item in the Jay I. Kislak Collection
  • An 18th-century royal tax decree with the seal of King Ferdinand VI of Spain
  • A copyright deposit box from 1873, which included a collection of maps by oceanographer and cartographer Matthew Fontaine Maury
  • A wood engraving print, "Bird’s eye view of Liverpool, as seen from a balloon, 1885"
  • An 1886 journal written by William T. Hornaday, a conservationist and founder of the Bronx Zoo
  • "The American Citizen," a 1916 naturalization guide for Yiddish-speaking immigrants (features an inscription to President Woodrow Wilson)
  • A watercolor paintings of costume designs for the 1938 New Orleans production of "One Third of a Nation"
  • A guest book used from 1955-1986 by the Woman’s National Democratic Club, which includes signatures from former U.S. Rep. Barbara Jordan, Lady Bird Johnson, Carol Channing, W. Averell and Pamela C. Harriman, Liz Carpenter, Lynda Robb, Alistair Cooke, Dean Rusk and Jack Anderson
  • Audio clips from interviews conducted in 1957 and 1981 with American composer Leonard Bernstein
  • A 1966 recording of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda reading "Alturas de Macchu Picchu" and a 2013 recording of Hispanic-American poet Richard Blanco reading "América."
  • An 1880 Russian-language natural-history encyclopedia with full-color relief images

Working under the direction of Library curators and specialists in various divisions, 38 Junior Fellows—selected from more than 800 applicants across the country—explored the institution’s unparalleled collections and resources. They were exposed to a broad spectrum of library work: research, copyright, preservation, reference, access, standards, information management and digital initiatives.

The Junior Fellows Program is made possible through the generosity of the late Mrs. Jefferson Patterson and the Knowledge Navigators Trust Fund. A lead gift from H. F. (Gerry) Lenfest, former chairman of the Library’s James Madison Council private-sector advisory group, established the Knowledge Navigators Trust Fund with major support provided by members of the council. For more information about the Junior Fellows Program, visit loc.gov/hr/jrfellows/.

The Library of Congress is the world’s largest library, offering access to the creative record of the United States—and extensive materials from around the world—both on site and online. It is the main research arm of the U.S. Congress and the home of the U.S. Copyright Office. Explore collections, reference services and other programs and plan a visit at loc.gov, access the official site for U.S. federal legislative information at congress.gov, and register creative works of authorship at copyright.gov.

HYDE PARK, NY -- On Monday, August 1, 2016, the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum and the Home Of Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site -- with the American-Scottish Foundation -- will open "In the Footsteps of John Muir," an exhibition by Scottish photographer Ken Paterson. The exhibit will be on display in the Henry A. Wallace Center at the FDR Presidential Library and Home through September 30, 2016. A special opening reception will be held from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. on August 1 in the Wallace Center. Refreshments will be served. Visitors may view the exhibit free of charge in the visitor center, during regular operating hours.

"In the Footsteps of John Muir," an exhibit of 30 photographic works by Scottish photographer Ken Patterson, traces Muir's early days in Dunbar, Scotland to his love of Yosemite allowing one to see the environment Muir loved and did so much to help preserve. The exhibit is part of the National Centennial Celebration of National Parks.

John Muir was a farmer, inventor, botanist, geologist, explorer, mountaineer, writer and pioneer of nature conservation. He was born in Dunbar, Scotland, on April 21, 1838. As a child he developed a deep love of the natural world. This grew into a lifelong journey, both physical and spiritual, of exploration, revelation, hardship and wonder. In 1849, Muir's family immigrated to the United States, starting a farm near Portage, Wisconsin, called Fountain Lake Farm. Later, his introduction to Yosemite Valley, California, resulted in his campaign to preserve wilderness for wilderness's sake. This led to the establishment of the world's first national park system. Today he is remembered as a pioneer of the modern conservation movement, and is often referred to as the "Father of the National Parks" in the United States.

Ken Paterson (www.kenpaterson.co.uk) has been photographing at the top level of Scottish photography for the last twenty years, specializing in creative location work based on people. Clients such as The New York Times have led to a strong portfolio in the United States and Japan, and resulted in the chance to complete a dozen travel guide books around the world. Recently, Ken has been lecturing in photography at Stevenson College in Edinburgh. Ken's passion is his self-started photographic project, aiming to reconnect Scotland with a proud global heritage: Famous Scots Project.

The American-Scottish Foundation is dedicated to strengthening ties between individuals, institutions and businesses of Scotland and the United States. The Foundation champions the extraordinary and creative relationship between Scotland and the United States with an extensive program of projects and events -- a bridge between the two great countries. ASF is proud to help bring attention and support to the preservation of parks and landscapes. Visit www.americanscottishfoundation.org.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum

Designed by Franklin Roosevelt and dedicated on June 30, 1941, the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum is the nation's first presidential library and the only one used by a sitting president. Every president since FDR has followed his example and established a presidential library administered by the National Archives and Records Administration to preserve and make accessible to the American people the records of their presidencies. The Roosevelt Library's mission is to foster a deeper understanding of the lives and times of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt and their continuing impact on contemporary life. This work is carried out through the Library's archives and research room, museum collections and exhibitions, innovative educational programs, and engaging public programming. For more information about the Library or its programs call (800) 337-8474 or visit www.fdrlibrary.org.

The National Park Service administers the Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt's Val-Kill, Top Cottage and Vanderbilt Mansion. Visitors to the sites can enjoy guided tours of the historic buildings. There are hiking trails that link all the parks. From May through October, visitors from New York City can reserve transportation from the Poughkeepsie Train Station to all the sites in Hyde Park by calling (845) 229-5320 for the "Roosevelt Ride." For information about tours and other programs visit www.nps.gov/hofr or call (845) 229-5320.

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 9.10.46 PM.pngOn 5 October 2016, Sotheby’s Paris will have the honour of dispersing a selection of books from the outstanding Hunting Library of the Counts du Verne: the largest collection to appear on the market for the last thirty years. The library was built up and enriched with fervent dedication over more than a century and a half by three generations of collectors: Joseph du Verne, then his son Pierre du Verne, who passed on his passion to his daughter Nicole du Verne-Bernis.

Joseph du Verne began to collect hunting and hawking books in the late 19th century, attending the most prominent bibliophile auctions of the period, like Baron Jérôme Pichon's sale in 1894 and the dispersion of the Duchesse d’Uzès' hunting library in 1933. At his death, his son Pierre du Verne inherited his passion and consulted the leading specialists of his time, including the bookseller Jules Thiébaud, co-author of the key work Bibliographie des ouvrages sur la chasse. In 1960, Nicole du Verne, the wife of Charles de Pierre, Comte de Bern is (a descendant of Louis XV's famous minister and himself a keen bibliophile), inherited the collection in turn, and continued to add to and improve it.

This first selection consists of nearly 270 books: mostly works that have marked the history of hunting literature and imagery from the 15th to the 20th century, but also technical treatises, antique classics, sets of engravings, illustrated books enriched with original drawings and a number of manuscripts.

This assortment offers a magnificent overview of the development of hunting practices in every form over five centuries: hunting with hounds, shooting, falconry, poaching, breeding, horse-riding and soon. No other comparable collection has come up at auction since the sale of Marcel Jeanson's library (Sotheby’s Monaco, 1987).

With rare editions, collections of prints, original drawings, unique copies and curiosities, the du Verne library covers the entire range of books on hunting.

Copies come from prestigious sources: Jérôme Pichon, Grandjean d’Alteville, the Comte du Fresne, Auguste Veinant, Schwerdt, Huzard, Baron de Lassus, the Duchesse d’Uzès, the Prince d’Essling and the Duc de Chartres are just some of the illustrious booklovers who have left their ex-libris or stamps on these copies.

Great classics and legendary rarities

History's greatest hunter-writers take up the first rank of this selection, headed by the illustrious Jacques du Fouilloux, author of a seminal book in French hunting literature. His Vénerie, dedicated to Charles IX, remarkably illustrated, often copied and imitated, is present in no fewer than five editions, including the extremely rare princeps edition published in Poitiers in 1561 (estimate: €100,000/150,000). A very rare first edition of Jean de Clamorgan's La Chasse du loup, which adds further to the Maison Rustique, also features in the sale (estimate: €30,000/40,000).

The Déduits de la chasse des bestes sauvaiges et des o yseaux de proye by Gaston Phébus. Paris, c. 1507 (estimate: €150,000/200,000). One of the key lots in the sale, the treatise by Gaston Phébus, a remarkable soldier and an even more remarkable hunter, is described by Thiébaud as "the oldest major treatise on hunting with hounds written in French". Composed in around 1370, it was the only hunting treatise available to French readers, together with Le Roy Modus, until the arrival of Du Fouilloux.

The first book on hunting to come from the press of a Paris printer, this precious book is only known through less than a dozen copies.

Just as rare is the third edition of Phébus, published with a slightly modified title. Bibliographers have only located ten or so copies.

Le livre du roy Modus & de la royne Racio qui parle du deduit de la chasse a toutes bestes sauvaiges...Paris, 1526 (estimate: €70,000/100,000). Attributed to Henry de Ferrières (1354-1377), the Livre du roy Modus & de la royne Racio is "the oldest printed book dealing exclusively with hunting" (Thiébaud). 

The du Verne sale features the extremely rare edition of 1526, lavishly illustrated with woodcuts, together with the edition of 1560, in which, for the first time, the hunting book has been separated from the short moral treatise forming the second part of previous editions.

Treatises on falconry

Literature on the noble art of the falconer, much prized in both Western and Eastern courts, occupies a prime place in the du Verne collection.

It contains an admirable late 15th century manuscript of the Fauconnerie by Franchières, followed by the second printed edition of the same treatise (1567), the extremely rare manuals of Arcussia (1599, second edition), Gommer (1594) and Harmont (1620), and literary works taking their imagery and technical jargon from falconry.

First and foremost, Le Faulcon d’amours or Livre du Faucon, an incunabulum, is present as the only known copy of the edition published in c. 1500: as rare as the two editions that preceded it, if not more so (estimate: €60,000/80,000).

Hunting literature from the 15th to the 20th century

The three generations of booklovers who built up this remarkable collection aimed to form a complete picture of French hunting books of every period. Purely hunting-focused authors are found alongside writers who at first glance seem out of place in hunting literature - but who could be totally unaware of a sport that set the tone of Western society for over five centuries, permeating every layer of culture and power?

Here Du Fouilloux rubs shoulders with Ronsard, Salnove with La Fontaine, Gommer with Passerat and Jodelle, Chevigné with Dumas and so on, right through to Louis Pergaud and Maurice Genevoix, whose works illustrate both a passion for hunting and a powerful feeling for nature.

Albums and sets of prints

Major artists who lent their pencils, brushes or gravers to the art of hunting have a natural niche in the du Verne collection. Antonio Tempesta, Jost Amman, Adrien Collaert, Johann Elias Ridinger, Jean-Baptiste Oudry, Jean Pillement, Carle Vernet, Honoré Daumier and Victor Adam are some of the painters, draughtsmen and engravers who enriched the iconography and imaginative world of hunting. All these artists and more feature in the sale.

Modern illustrated books

All bibliophiles-cum-hunters know that their favourite subject, hunting, is an intrinsic part of their daily lives.

The collectors who built up the du Verne library were keen to include 20th century works as well, most often illustrated by well-known artists such as Paul Jouve, Karl Reille, Mathurin Méheut, Joseph Oberthur, Charles-Jean Hallo and Xavier de Poret.

Most copies of these illustrated books contain original watercolours or drawings. Just one of many is the Duc de Brissac's Chasse, containing nine signed watercolours and ten original drawings by Paul Jouve (estimate: €30,000/40,000).

These are just a few examples, and only represent a tiny part of the extraordinary variety of the du Verne library. This first sale features a splendid array.

DALLAS -  An unrestored copy of Action Comics #1 - featuring the first appearance of Superman and considered a cornerstone of pop culture - could sell for as much as $750,000 in Heritage Auctions’ Comics & Comic Art Auction Aug. 4-6 in Dallas.

“It’s pretty tough to beat this in the comic world,” said Lon Allen, Managing Director of Comics & Comic Art at Heritage. “This is the highest-graded copy we’ve ever offered at Heritage so naturally we expect bidding to reach our already high expectations.” 

The copy is graded 5.5 by Certified Guaranty Company (CGC). “The colors on the cover of this copy are particularly bright, and the staples are rust free,” Allen said. “It really "pops" in the new CGC holder. It's a striking copy that absolutely "wows" when you hold it in your hand.”

The first appearance of Superman appears at auction alongside the first appearance of Spider-Man as an  8.5 CBCS-graded copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 signed by his creator Stan Lee is expected to sell for $125,000+. 

The selection of original art includes a true rarity among the otherworldly art of master illustration artist Frank Frazetta. At the Earth’s Core, 1974, the original cover painting produced for a paperback edition of a novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs, could exceed its $900,000 pre-auction estimate. The mystical painting appears at auction on the heels of Frazetta’s The Norseman, which Heritage auctioned for a shocking $454,100 earlier this year.

Bernie Wrightson’s original cover art for Swamp Thing #1 (DC, 1972), not only stands as one of the most iconic horror covers ever produced, it is also marks the first cover appearance of the half-man-half-plant version of Alec Holland, a character which resides permanently in DC Comics canon (est. $150,000). Another example of Wrightson masterful depiction of Swamp Thing is the wraparound cover original art for DC Special Series #2 from 1977 (est. $50,000+).

Additional examples of coveted covers include the dramatic original art for Silver Surfer #13 by John Buscema and Dan Adkins (est. $50,000+) and Adkins original art for Strange Tales #164, depicting Doctor Strange (est. $50,000+).

Vintage and contemporary newspaper comic strip art features an original Calvin & Hobbes daily comic strip dated Jan. 6, 1987. The four-panel strip by Bill Waterson is a classic example of Calvin attempting to pull one over on his favorite stuffed tiger (est. $50,000+). A Flash Gordon Sunday comic strip art dated April 21, 1935 is an example of the period’s large-size art with an image area of 19 inches by 29-1/4 inches (est. $75,000+).

Additional highlights include, but are not limited to:

·         Paul Smith’s original cover art for Uncanny X-Men #165 (est. $40,000+). 

·         Startling Comics #49, Mile High Pedigree (Better Publications, 1948) CGC NM+ 9.6 (est. $50,000).

·         Batman #11 (DC, 1942) CGC NM 9.4 white pages (est. $75,000+).

·         Michael Golden Doctor Strange portfolio envelope cover original art (est. $20,000+)

·         Gil Kane and Joe Sinnott’s original cover art for Defenders #19 (depicting three heroes in trouble: Hulk, Doctor Strange, and Power Man) from 1975 (est. $20,000+).

·         A Charles Schulz Peanuts Sunday Comic Strip Original Art dated Jan. 27 1963 (United Feature Syndicate, 1963), with classic images of Snoopy dozing on his dog house (est. $20,000+).

Heritage Auctions is the largest auction house founded in the United States and the world’s third largest, with annual sales of more than $900 million, and 950,000+ online bidder members. For more information about Heritage Auctions, and to join and receive access to a complete record of prices realized, with full-color, enlargeable photos of each lot, please visit HA.com.

Want to get the up-to-the-minute updates and breaking news stories about Heritage Auctions? Get them as they happen at: HA.com/Twitter; Facebook: HA.com/Facebook. To view a complete archive of Heritage press releases go to: HA.com/PR. To link to this press release on your blog or Website: HA.com/PR-2972.

swamp copy.jpgDALLAS -  A stunning group of original art by illustrator Bernie Wrightson--lead by his iconic original cover art for Swamp Thing #1--  highlights the finest examples of the master’s hand to come to market in decades. The iconic horror cover art is estimated to sell for $150,000+ in Heritage Auctions’ Comics & Comic Art Auction Aug. 4-6 in Dallas.

“Wrightson’s facility with an inking brush never fails to astound,” said Barry Sandoval, Director of Comic Operations at Heritage Auctions, “and it’s even more stunning on the original art than in printed form.”

Wrightson’s original cover art for Swamp Thing #1 (DC, 1972), not only stands as one of the most iconic horror covers ever produced, it is also marks the first appearance of the half-man-half-plant version of Alec Holland, a character which resides permanently in DC Comics canon. This "First Startling Issue" was crafted in ink over graphite on Bristol board with an image area of 10" x 15". It is signed by Wrightson in the lower left image area.

Wrightson co-created Swamp Thing for DC. Early in his career he a reputation as an editorial cartoonist at the Baltimore Sun. Soon afterwards he was offered work by DC Comics and in 1969 his first professional work was published in House of Mystery #179. After working on just 10 of the 20-issue limited Swamp Thing series, he produces black-and-white art for horror comics magazines as well as adaptations of stories by H. P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe.

Among the additional examples of Wrightson’s art work on offer is a masterful wraparound cover original art for DC Special Series #2 from 1977 (est. $50,000+) and the original art for story page 3 of Swamp Thing #5 (est. $20,000+). The creepy original cover art for Twisted Tales #2, published in 1983 by independent publisher Pacific Comics is considered one of the best covers ever produced during the 1980s (est. $25,000+).

Several examples of Wrightson’s Horror and Fantasy Series includes the original art for #9 (est. $20,000+). With rich, bright, vibrant colors, the print of townsfolk attempting to kill a vampire though several means necessary was so popular with fans that it was used as the art on card #80 of the 1993 collector series Bernie Wrightson: Master of the Macabre trading card set. (DC, 1973). A dark and brooding painting of The Cask of Amontillado, produced for The Edgar Allan Poe Portfolio (est. $25,000+), and Free Fall, depicting a space battle an astronaut four-fisted centaur set against a highly-detailed spaceship , are perfect examples of the master’s breadth and depth as an artist.

Heritage Auctions’ presentation of Bernie Wrightson’s original art will cross the block Aug. 4-6 in its Comics & Comic Art Auction in Dallas. High-resolution images of the art and a history of his career may be found on HA.com.

Heritage Auctions is the largest auction house founded in the United States and the world’s third largest, with annual sales of more than $900 million, and 950,000+ online bidder members. For more information about Heritage Auctions, and to join and receive access to a complete record of prices realized, with full-color, enlargeable photos of each lot, please visit HA.com.

Want to get the up-to-the-minute updates and breaking news stories about Heritage Auctions? Get them as they happen at: HA.com/Twitter; Facebook: HA.com/Facebook. To view a complete archive of Heritage press releases go to: HA.com/PR. To link to this press release on your blog or Website: HA.com/PR-2976.

On Wednesday 20th July Chiswick Auctions held a successful sale of Printed Books and Manuscripts.  

A number of key pieces sold very well. Star lots included: 

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 8.57.55 AM.pngSold: £9,840 incl Buyer’s Premium

Lot 201- La Revolution Surrealiste. Paris: Librairie Gallimard, [1924-1929]. Folio. A complete run of installments (occasional light spotting). Original vellum (minor wear). SIGNED by Andre Breton, Pablo Picasso, Marcel DuChamp, Jacques Prevert, Tristan Tzara, Benjamin Peret, Rene Magritte, Paul Eluard, Andre Masson, Philippe Soupault, Roland Penrose, George Ribemont-Dessaignes, Jacques Boiffard, Jacques Baron, Michael Leiris and Raymond Queneau.

Sold: £4,800 incl Buyer’s Premium

Lot 271 - Diario del Viage Explorador de las Corbetas Espanolas "Descubierta" Y "Atrevida en Los Anos de 1789 A 1794. [Diario del Tentiente de Navio D. Francisco Xavier de Viana "Descubierta" Y "Atrevida en Los Anos  1789, 1790, 1791, 1792 & 1793]. Small 4to. 2 title pages as issued (first title page browned with offsetting from  old clipping tipped in on opposite page, pages lightly browned throughout). Original red straight grain morocco, with borders ruled in gilt (spine faded, boards rubbed).

Sold: £3,600 incl Buyer’s Premium

Lot 187 -  SURREALIST TRACTS & PAMPHLETS - A collection of tracts, pamphlets and ephemera including a ALS., from Yves Tanguy addressed to: "Ma mere Colette" on glassine paper. All loosely inserted into an album.

Sold: £1,440 incl Buyer’s Premium

Lot 138 - Facile [.] Poemes de Paul Eluard Photographies de Man Ray. [No place]: Editions GLM, 1935. Small 4to. Photographic illustrations throughout (pages lightly browned). Original photographic monochrome wrappers (chipped with some minor creases). LIMITED EDITION OF 1200 COPIES OF WHICH THIS IS NUMBER 171. Provenance: John Lyle (bookplate).

Sold: £1,560 incl Buyer’s Premium

Lot 153  - MS. - With naval interest [c.1683]. 8vo. 20pp., 10pp. "May 20 in ye year anno D: 1683 I first began my travels". "I left Mr Housmans & went that night to graves-end. The ship being fallen down...tide before, so my father Mr Parry went with me the next morning for the downs at Cant: I see the Cathed: at ye going out of ye town I see Mr Brigham. I stayed Fryday & Saturday at Deal before ye ship came on Sunday ye 20 about G. My father Mr Parry came on board with me. We got well to ye Bay of Biscay in few days. The 19th June I left Capt. Williams & lay at Mr Taylor's till my uncle came to town...he being at Cadir...The 10th Instance at Port in Mr Floodys House we had a feast...Ye addition of Mr Harris who told many pleasant pranks how he served...Captain & how they served him afterwards on ship-board how everyone thought that he had killed Mr Michael with a wooden sword...how...cured Mr Boon of a disease by making him laugh at a young woman that was dressed in mans clothes....The 18th we entered the straights having a good wind we reached Malaga". There is main account interspersed with a few hundred blank pages and then 10 numbered pages with passages in Latin. Contemporary calf (rubbed). A curious late 17th /early 18th century travel manuscript.

Sold: £1,320 incl Buyer’s Premium

Lot 192 - MISCELLANY - Including: Max Ernst's Une Semaine De Bonte. (Paris: Editions Jeanne Bucher, 1934), With cardboard sleeve (worn, torn) and Clarte  (No. 79), [No Place], [no pub], Dec 1925/Jan 1926.

Sold: £840 incl Buyer’s Premium

Lot 207 - PENROSE, Roland (1900-1984). Home Guard Manual of Camouflage. London: George Routledge & Sons, Ltd., 1941. 8vo. (Occasional light spotting). Original orange/pink boards with blue and white illustrated dust jacket (some light soiling and chipping, corners bumped). PRESENTATION COPY: " A Brunius ce n'est pas ce qu'on voulais cette cachoterie militaire mais je souhaite a vous et Mary des annees plus lumineuses que 1941 Roland Penrose". [With]: MS. on postcard to Brunius from Penrose inviting him to a surrealist meeting and dinner at the Barcelona Restaurant, Beak Street, W1". Signed at the close by Penrose.

The next Printed Books and Manuscripts sale will be taking place on Wednesday 28th September 2016. For more information, free valuations and entries for 2016 specialist auctions please contact: 

Nicholas Worskett and Simon Nuckley, Specialists - Books nicholas@chiswickauctions.co.uk simon@chiswickauctions.co.uk   020 8992 4442. 

Aries-Cover.jpgThe engaging, lost story of an influential, 1920s Western New York private press is told in a newly released book, The Aries Press of Eden, New York pub- lished by RIT Press. A young Buffalo businessman channels his wide-ranging appreciation for art, fusing it to a high-profile printing press renowned for pro- ducing books valued as much for their art, as for their contents.

Spencer Kellogg Jr. founded the Aries Press in a small village south of Buffalo. The Press raised the aesthetic and technical standards for trade book pro- duction. Honor and recognition came immediately with its first book, The Ghost Ship, earning inclusion into the American Institute of Graphic Arts’ prestigious “50 Books Award of 1926.”

Kellogg was an active and visible presence in the Buffalo art world. He served as director of the Buffalo Fine Arts Academy in the early 1900s, today known as the Albright-Knox Art Gallery.

Before launching his private press, Kellogg’s love of books manifested itself at his Aries Book Shop, begun in 1921, in downtown Buffalo. The shop served as a comfortable retreat into a world of books and where noted speakers held infor- mal talks and small exhibitions were presented.

In his foreword to the book, Burchfield-Penny Art Center director Anthony Bannon describes Kellogg: “Wherever he went, people of like minds gathered. That he made art, one way or another, and through it created platforms for dis- course, is worthy of our attention.”

Author Richard Kegler hones in on both his hometown as well as his professional experience in print and publishing to tell the story of the quirky, enigmatic Kellogg and the Aries Press’s significant contributions to printing his- tory. Readers will gain unique insights on the emerging world of fine art photog- raphy and the world of book lovers in 1920s Western New York.

The book reports “a curious chapter in a long history of printing and inde- pendent publishing,” says Kegler. With many connections to renowned figures in the art, printing, and typographic scene of the 1920s, The Aries Press of Eden, New York is an essential read for those interested in Western New York history as well as print historians, private press movement scholars, typographers, print media scholars and appreciative lovers of books-as-art.

Title: The Aries Press of Eden, New York

Author: Richard Kegler 

Pub. Date: May 2016 

ISBN: 978-1-939125-21-7 96

Pages: 96

Size: 6 x 9 in.

Binding:  Hardcover with foil stamp

Images: 39, some color

Price: $49.95

Portland, Ore. (July 2016) - Leading historical preservationist Dr. Robert B. Pamplin Jr. has released a new catalog showcasing highlights from his diverse and historically significant collection, the Pamplin International Collection of Art and History, and now offers a full, online viewing experience and Guided Visit at PamplinCollection.org. The 2015 exhibit catalog was compiled to showcase the strength of the more than 100,000 piece collection and its importance as a record of global human achievement spanning the past five millennia. Acquisitions from ancient Chinese to American Indian to contemporary American art make the collection one of the world’s largest gatherings of art and history in private hands.

New Catalog Showcases “The Strength of the Collection”

The 2015 exhibit of the Pamplin International Collection of Art and History delves into “The Strength of the Collection,” featuring objects that demonstrate the wide range of the Pamplin Collection. The Pamplin Collection features works in a variety of categories, including the Wild West, George Washington, Civil War, military history, fine art, European art, Illustrations, Native American, Chinese art, and furniture and decorative arts.  

“The new catalog features a number of truly remarkable pieces, showcasing some of the most significant works of art exhibited in 2015,” said Chet Orloff, manager of the Pamplin Collection. “And what’s more, Dr. Pamplin has made it all publicly accessible through the collection’s website, promoting education and a love of history and art without barriers.” 

Noteworthy pieces in the 2015 exhibit include the Han Dynasty model of a celestial horse, which - produced from 206 BCE to 220 CE - has much of the original pigments still in evidence. Also, John Henry Twachtman’s “Dans la Forêt” painting joins Pamplin’s American Fine Art collection, with many of his other works held in collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and several other public and private collections. In Pamplin’s Wild West collection, objects have been added that are associated with the notorious Dalton Gang, who robbed the Coffeyville, Kansas, banks in 1892, including the newspaper announcing the 1937 death of Emmett Dalton, the last of the famed Dalton brothers, and a photograph of Emmett Dalton, lying wounded, following the bank raids.

For more than 40 years, Dr. Pamplin and his wife Marilyn have been dedicated to collecting antiquities and works of art that illuminate distinct periods in history, diverse cultures and iconic individuals. Parts of Pamplin’s collection have been exhibited in museums around the country, and more can be experienced online at www.pamplincollection.org.

About Dr. Robert B. Pamplin Jr.

Dr. Robert B. Pamplin Jr. has earned eight degrees - including two doctorates - in business, economics, accounting, education and theology. He has been honored nationally as a businessman, philanthropist, ordained minister, educator, historical preservationist, and author of 24 books and comic books, including two book-of-the-month club selections. Pamplin’s business interests include media (the Portland Tribune and 25 community newspapers), textiles, construction and agriculture. He has been awarded many honorary degrees and featured in national magazines, in newspapers and on television. He has served on presidential and state commissions, and he has been chairman of the board of trustees of three colleges. Pamplin is widely recognized as America’s leading historical preservationist and foremost diversified entrepreneur. For more information, visit www.pamplin.org. For more information about Dr. Pamplin’s preservation efforts, visit www.pamplincollection.org.


BOSTON, MA - The annual fall gathering for booklovers, the Boston International Antiquarian Book Fair, will return to the Hynes Convention Center in Boston’s beautiful Back Bay, October 28-30, 2016. More than 120 dealers from the United States, England, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Denmark and Australia will exhibit and sell a vast selection of rare, collectible and antiquarian books, illuminated manuscripts, autographs, maps, atlases, modern first editions, photographs, and fine and decorative prints.  

One of the oldest and most respected antiquarian book shows in the country, the Fair celebrates its 40th Anniversary in 2016!  The event offers the ‘crème de la crème’ of items that are available on the international literary market. Whether just browsing or buying, the Fair offers something for every taste and budget—books on art, politics, travel, gastronomy, and science to sport, natural history, literature, music, and children’s books—that will appeal to the serious collector and the curious browser.

The Fair gives visitors the opportunity to see, learn about, and purchase the finest in rare and valuable books and ephemera. For attendees wanting to start a collection without breaking the bank, there will be dealers offering “Discovery” items priced at less than $100. 

Tickets are $20 for Friday night’s exclusive Opening Night preview event, an opportunity for the public to get a first look at items for sale at the Fair. In celebration of the Book Fair’s 40th Anniversary, organizers have decided to offer free admission on Saturday and Sunday in order to attract a larger audience of book-loving attendees.

Seminars and events will be featured throughout the weekend as well as The Annual Ticknor Society Roundtable, a panel discussion of collectors talking about their collections.  More events will be announced in early fall, and folks can visit www.bostonbookfair.com for up to the minute details.

Friday, October 28*                 5:00-9:00pm           Tickets: $20.00 *Opening Night                      
Saturday, October 29              12:00-7:00pm          Free Admission
Sunday, October 30                12:00-5:00pm          Free Admission

Hynes Convention Center
900 Boylston Street
Boston, MA

The Boston International Antiquarian Book Fair is sponsored by the New England Chapter of the Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association of America. A portion of the ticket sales will benefit the Boston Public Library and the American Antiquarian Society. Opening Night Tickets will be sold online at www.bostonbookfair.com and at the show’s box office during Friday evening show hours. For more information, please visit www.bostonbookfair.com or call 617-266-6540.

e55ef450-b300-4d06-ad01-364a9cf80d5f.jpg[ITHACA, NY] National Book Auctions, located in Ithaca, NY, announces the launch of their next auction catalog. 

PLEASE NOTE:  This will be the final auction at our current gallery where we have been based for 12 years. Our new gallery is located at 2085 Dryden Road (Route 13) in Dryden, NY, just east of Ithaca. 

This catalog features rare, antique and decorative books as well as select additions of ephemera and artwork. We will offer another session from the holdings of Archaeologia Books and Prints and will continue with multiple sessions from this fine inventory over the coming months.  Also of note is a fine array of antique maps, many covering London.      

Antique and rare books in this catalog feature numerous titles. Among the earliest examples are the 1635 printing of Quarles' "Emblemes," containing William Marshall engravings, first edition printings of the first two parts of Butler's "Hudibras" produced in 1663 and 1664, and the 1784 first edition of the three text volumes from Cook and Roberts' "Voyage to the Pacific Ocean."  Other scarce titles include the 1865 first edition of Baring-Gould's "Book of Were-Wolves," housed in a handsome tooled leather binding, the 1812 printing of Fontaine's "Histoire de l'Ancien et du Nouveau Testament," featuring engravings and then-experimental lithography, and "The Public Papers and Addresses of Franklin D. Roosevelt," produced in five volumes in 1938 and including an original FDR signature.  Many other works are signed by important figures such as John Ruskin and Carl Sandburg.                 

Several pleasing collections will also be showcased.  Highlighted is this next session from the holdings of Archaeologia, concentrated in Egyptology, which is led by specimens such as the 1832, two-volume printing of Gell's "Poempeiana," featuring engraved plates and the 1819 first edition of Forbin's "Travels in Egypt."  Additional lots include scarce titles from categories such as archaeology, anthropology, ethnology, decorative antique bindings, children's, books-on-books, printing history, horror (vampires, werewolves, etc.), Americana, art history, travel & exploration, American Civil War, Quaker history, and much more.

Found throughout this catalog are interesting offerings of art and ephemera. Featured is an array of antique cartographic specimens, dating back to the 17th century, including a collection of London-related maps as well as city scenes.  Additional important antique plates include Hogarth and Gillray engravings along with original Audubon lithographs produced in the 1840's.  Ephemera lots present travel-related, original correspondence,  photographs, Victorian chromolithographs, greeting & calling cards, cooking, tobacciana, black Americana, Halloween, sports, music, diaries & journals, magazines and other genres.

National Book Auctions is a public auction service specializing in books, ephemera, and art. National Book Auctions is a targeted service offering experience and expertise unique to marketing antique and modern books and ephemera for consignors and collectors alike. The upcoming 2016 auctions will feature a wide assortment of collectible, signed, and first edition books. For more information, please contact the gallery at 607-269-0101 or email mail@nationalbookauctions.com.

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