livres d'artiste

20.jpgChicago—Potter & Potter Auctions is pleased to announce its nearly 800 lot Fine Books and Manuscripts

Swann Baskin.jpgNew York-Swann Galleries opens their winter season with a boutique sale

159-Szyk copy.jpgNew York—Swann Galleries has announced highlights from their June 13

New York—On Thursday, October 11 Swann Galleries will conduct an auction devoted to Art, Press & Illustrated Books, which includes livres d’artiste, modern and private press books, art literature, catalogues raisonnés and art journals, as well as works on architecture, applied and decorative arts, design, performing arts, and book and printing arts.

The auction features a short run
New York—On Thursday, May 12 Swann Galleries will conduct a two-session auction of Art, Press & Illustrated Books, and 19th & 20th Century Literature. The sale begins at 10:30 a.m. with a selection of architecture and art journals, livres d’artiste, fine private press books, original illustrations and works on fashion and design. The afternoon session, starting at 1:30 p.m., features
New York—On Thursday, October 14 Swann Galleries will conduct an auction of 19th & 20th Century Literature and Art, Press & Illustrated Books containing a rich and diverse selection of works by well-known authors and artists.

The sale begins with 19th & 20th century literature, which includes first editions, signed and