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Barry Moser lion
Woodcut from The Gospel of Mark, Pennyroyal Press. Reproduced with permission from Bromer Booksellers and Barry Moser.

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Swann Baskin.jpgNew York-Swann Galleries opens their winter season with a boutique sale

Many booksellers are setting up today for the Baltimore Summer Antiques Show. Held at the Baltimore Convention Center, the four-day event boasts more than 575 international art and antiques dealers, including a 90-dealer antiquarian book fair within the larger show. It opens tomorrow.

Catalogue Review: The Veatchs Arts of the Book, #70

On day two of the California Book Fair, I began the day by attending a lecture by Professor Adrian Johns, author of The Nature of the Book: Print and Knowledge in the Making, among other titles. He spoke to a filled room on the topic, "The Promise and Peril of a Universal Library." He detailed the quest--from ancient times to modern--to create a