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ERASMUSHAUS Haus der Bücher AG, Antiquarian Bookseller since 1800.

Erasmus House was founded in 1800 and has since been involved in the purchase and sale of manuscripts, autographs and especially printed books from the 15th to the 19th century.
The shop is named after the great humanist Erasmus, who spent the last year of his life in this house.
We focus on the rarest possible works and finest copies from all fields of European science and intellectual history.
We publish up to four catalogues per year, which are available in printed form as well as online on our website (
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Eric Chaim Kline Bookseller

Rare, out-of-print and antiquarian books with an emphasis on photography, architecture, art, Judaica, Bibles, Weimar Germany and the Third Reich, modernism, Olympic Games, erotica and foreign-language works, especially German, Hebrew, Polish and Yiddish. Appraisal, auction and consulting services. Leather sets and individual volumes for decorators and movie-production rentals. We invite you to browse 20,000 books (from our 250,000-volume inventory) on our website, which is organized into 20 categories and 50 subcategories, in 37 languages.