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Mary Virginia Swanson

Coming Spring 2023: "Publish Your Photography Book" by co-authors Mary Virginia Swanson & Darius Himes (3rd edition, revised and expanded; Radius Books, Santa Fe USA). This is the first book to demystify the process of producing and publishing a book of photographs. Originally released in the Spring of 2011, updated/revised in 2014 (both sold out.) This 3rd edition provides a broad overview of the expanding photobook industry now, including small & fine presses and placement of artists' books in Special Collections, taking artists and photographers through the many decisions and steps involved in being published or self-publishing a book of their work. Includes industry resources, worksheets.

Rare Book School

Rare Book School (RBS) is a non-profit institute that engages in advocacy, education, and outreach for the study, care, and uses of written, printed, and digital materials. Every year, RBS offers continuing education opportunities for students from all disciplines and skill levels to study with leading scholars and professionals in the fields of bibliography, librarianship, book history, manuscript studies, and the digital humanities.