Inside Winter 2023
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The Cryptic Diaries of Gentleman Jack
Anne Lister’s early nineteenth-century journals have gained wide attention for their contribution to LGBTQ+ history, most recently in an award-winning TV series
By Alex Johnson
The Art of Politics
A vast private collection of political cartoons reminds us about the relationship between art and democracy
By Hunter Oatman-Stanford
Gently Mad
Redemptive Reading
How books changed the life of author Jack Gantos
Decorated paper
Entertainment memorabilia
The Seraphim Ascends
Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s poems in manuscript
In View
Step into the Studio
Focusing on Black American studio photographers
Beyond the Basics
The Bad Boy of Bibliography
Thomas J. Wise: collector, bibliographer, forger, thief
Fine Maps
Purveyors of Vanity
How nineteenth-century peddlers of county maps appealed to their clients
Florida Views, Sherlockian Clues
A roundup of first editions, manuscripts, maps, and fine art
On the Block
The Glaisdale Agricultural Library
Rare books on cattle wrangling, beekeeping, and rat-catching
How I Got Started
Thoreau, Emerson, Tagore & Gandhi
Collector James Mathew
The value of children’s books is the indelible mark they can leave on our memory. Alice talking with a hookah-smoking caterpillar. Little Red Riding…
It’s no secret that bibliophiles who enjoy reading fiction are often drawn to novels set in bookshops.
The sale of a major collection can become an almost mythic event in the book world. In practical terms, major sales create crucial, sometimes once-in…