Inside Summer 2019
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Celebrating Whitman
The 'Good Gray Poet' turns 200
By Matthew Wills
Gaga for Gonzo
Inside one fan's Hunter S. Thompson collection
By Holly George-Warren
Biblio 360
Our annual guide to clubs, classes, exhibitions, book fairs & more
Gently Mad
The View from Arrowhead
A trip to Melville's inspiring abode
The evolving history (and collectibility) of community cookbooks
Speculation & Confusion
A trader's golden rules
In View
Curating an Identity
A century of self-portraits, from Thomas Hart Benton's painted vision of himself to smartphone selfies
Beyond the Basics
In Praise of Booksellers
An introduction to festschriften
Fine Maps
Halley at the Helm
The famous astronomer's take on magnetic declination
In the Library
Odd Volumes
What a mismatched set of early Buddhist texts can reveal
Hop, Waddle, Pop-up
A roundup of first editions, manuscripts, and fine art
On the Block
Medicine Through the Ages
A doctor's book collection set hearts aflutter
How I Got Started
Ornithology & Auduboniana
Collector Peter Logan
Chuck Roberts, proprietor of Wonder Book, has over six million books under his watch, of which about two and a half million are currently for sale…
Bestiaries, allegorical texts with pages of illuminated animals—some real, like the lion, some mythical, like the griffin—were the bestsellers of…
A landmark anniversary calls for a landmark celebration. The Houghton Library at Harvard University delivers in grand fashion with Small Steps, Giant…