Inside Spring 2021
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Fine Books Profile
Bryan A. Garner
The famous lawyer's book collection brings to life an eccentric cast of grammar lovers
By Rebecca Rego Barry
Of His Own Invention
Francisco Goya's prints and drawings reveal his boundless imagination
By Allison C. Meier
Special Report
Auction Guide
A preview of spring auctions
Gently Mad
Adventures in Collecting
Polar explorers David and Deirdre Stam
Historical documents clipped and cut
Unlocking The House Without a Key
The first Charlie Chan mystery triumphs
In View
From the Blitz to Megaliths
How Henry Moore & Bill Brandt captured Britain
Beyond the Basics
In Their Own Words
Insightful oral histories of booksellers, collectors, and printers
Fine Maps
Moving Heaven and Earth
Behold the Harmonia Macrocosmica
In the Library
Rare, Beautiful, and Weird
UNC Chapel Hill's wunderkammer
Fairy Tales & Spenserian Sonnets
A roundup of first editions, manuscripts, maps, and fine art
On the Block
African Americana
Douglass and Tubman were among the highlights
How I Got Started
Polo, History & Business
Collector Tim Zee
There really was never any doubt that Edward Carey, author of the new novel The Swallowed Man, was bound to become an illustrator. “As a kid, I just…
Wolf von Lojewski spontaneously bought five leaves from the Nuremberg Chronicle at an antiquarian bookshop in London nearly forty years ago. The…
Gilberto Cárdenas was a college student in Los Angeles when El Movimiento, or the Chicano Movement, took shape in California. It was the height of…