Ada Limón, the twenty-fourth United States poet laureate, has frequently written about nature in her six poetry books.
Chaining your books to the shelf to protect them from light-fingered readers has fallen out of fashion, but maybe it’s time to fall back on another popular medieval solution to thievery: the book c
In the heart of Charleston, South Carolina’s downtown, stands an impressive Beaux-Arts structure often mistaken for an opera house or a city hall.
Thanks to the meticulous notes of centuries-old botanists, farmers, and hearty sailors plying the ocean’s depths, researchers can use rare books and records to understand how things were, how thing
“Creating these books is an anthropological experience,” said Alberto Casiraghy—who also goes by Casiraghi—sitting at a table in his house-atelier as he talked with a local artist who
Created between 1921 and 1924, Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House was a pres
From the mid-fifteenth to the nineteenth century, the letterpress dominated printing, allowing for little design variation. New techniques developed in the 1800s, such as chromolithography with multi…
Artist Sammy Seung-min Lee draws inspiration from her Korean heritage and the culture’s traditional hanji paper.
The relationship between English writers Wilkie Collins and
Anthony Frederick Sarg (1880-1942) was, at heart, a big kid who created puppets and other toys, illustrated fantastical picture books, and pulled off practical jokes.