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In 1820, John James Audubon proclaimed his intent to paint every species of birds in North America. When the project was completed in 1838, Audubon had documented 506 species.


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That old saw that book collectors like to recite that "anything can be anywhere," can, quite honestly, waste a lot of your time.  I think that's one reason that sites like AbeBooks and have become so popular -- they are, if nothing else, efficient.

I have also noticed -- and I don't know if it is just me -- that flea market books are decidedly less interesting.  It has been
I must confess that parts of the Fine Books web site are a bit hard to use.  I learned this myself tonight when I went looking for anything on our site written by Joel Silver.  Joel, who is director of special collections at Indiana University, you might recall, wrote a column called Beyond the Basics for Fine Books & Collections during our heyday (if you can call it that). 
The Fine Books & Collections Compendium is mailing in about 10 days, and following a practice we began some time ago, I contacted the American Library Association in an effort to include special collections librarians who may not be subscribing to our magazine.

In 2007, when we first began doing this, the special collections librarian list totaled 875 names.  You could