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An exhibition of illuminated manuscripts depicting different places, peoples, and customs a
After seven years and thanks to a team of international specialists, the
The J. Paul Getty Museum's new exhibition William Blake: Visionary features over 100 striking works by English printmaker, painter, and poet, William Blake.
Play and Pastimes in the Middle Ages explores lively images of play in medieval manuscripts drawn from the Getty Museum’s collection.
The Getty Museum has acquired the Irmengard Codex, a manuscript made for the 11th century noblewoman Irmengard of Nellenburg, a member of the House
A quick look at what's happening in and around California International Antiquarian Book Fair week. We'll be providing more details of these events in coming days.
An exhibition of illuminated manuscripts that reveal the secret histories and adventures of these precious medieval objects as they were collected and sold, lost, and re-found, over the course of h
Painted by a single artist, the Códice Maya de México is the oldest surviving book in the Americas and records the movements of the planet Venus across its cycles as Morning and Evening Star, a jou
Los Angeles – The J.
Los Angeles – The J.