Benjamin Franklin

A significant autograph letter signed by Sigmund Freud, in which h
Continuing Freeman’s | Hindman’s spring series of books, manuscripts, and historical ephemera sales, its Books and Manuscripts a
A selection of rare objects commemorating bibliophile, printer and Founding Father Benjamin
Sun Yat-sen's hand-annotated typed manuscript titled How China Was Made a Republic has been auctioned for $75,625 by Boston-based RR Auction.
A group of University of Notre Dame researchers suggest
RR Auction's Fine Autographs and Artifacts sale focuses on the
An academic wager on Super Bowl LVII has been fulfilled with the opening of the exhibition Promoting Useful Knowledge: The American Philosophical Society and Science in Early America, at K
A Benjamin Franklin signed document ordering a loan to support Pennsylvania's new currency sold for $39,928 at Boston-based RR Auction's latest Fine Autographs and Artifacts featuring Royalty aucti
A John Steinbeck handwritten letter offering his wise, fatherly advice on matters of the heart
Wilton, CT – Rare items signed by George Washington, John F.