mary shelley

The contemporary world brings many new things: an undeniably brisk pace, an unclear future, and an ever-changing face of motherhood. Working vs.
Peter Harrington, the UK’s largest rare bookseller, this year celebrates its 50th anniversary.
New York — A classic of world literature, a masterpiece of horror, and a forerunner of science fiction, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley is the subject of a new exhibitio
In a fortnight it's back-to-school and therefore back-to-books with America's largest regional antiquarian book fair, the annual Brooklyn Antiquarian Book Fair, now in its fifth year and happening
“It’s alive, It’s alive! cried the crazed scientist, Dr.
The 51st California International Antiquarian Book Fair comes to life in Pasadena this Friday.
In more civilized times, proponents of a meatless regime adhered to the "Pythagorean diet" championed by that Greek sixth century B.C.
The New York Public Library has animated the first book Frankenstein
author Mary Shelley ever worked on. It's a kid's story, published by
Shelley's anarchist philosopher dad William Godwin in 1808.