Boston Athenaeum

In another pandemic-era example that makes a compelling case for broadband to one day be reclassified as a utility, the Boston Athenæum has reformatted its spring and early summer in-person events for a stay-at-home audience. A full slate of

Boston — The Boston Athenæum announces the appointment of Leah Rosovsky as Stanford Calderwood Director, becoming the seventeenth leader in the Athenæum’s 213-year history. Rosovsky, who served as Vice President for Strategies and Programs at Harvard University until 2019, will assume her role at the Athenæum later this month.

It was twenty-five years ago this month, almost to the day, that I heard John Updike give a talk about books and reading that resonates with me as if he had delivered it yesterday. The occasion was the annual meeting of the National Book Critics Circle