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A bumper crop of books about books this summer/early fall has kept me up past my bedtime, and all to your benefit, dear reader. Highlighted here are five novels with bookish themes that I have enjoyed these past few months and which I can recommend. If you’re looking for great bibliofiction, choose the one—or two, or five—that suits you best.

Let’s begin with plague, because, well you

Here we are back to the books. Earlier this week, I posted part 1 of this Autumn 2019 books about books roundup. Now, without further ado, part 2:

Leah Price’s What We

What used to be a biannual accounting of newly published books about books has become quarterly, it seems, which is good news for bibliophiles. So what are the freshest books in our favorite genre?  

Taking a stab at the empty cultural space for serious book reviews these days, The Los Angeles Review of Books (a digital magazine) debuted--or at least posted a preview of itself--yesterday with a thoughtful and worthwhile (if somewhat ironic) essay on "The Death of the Book" by Ben Ehrenreich. It begins:

Pity the book.  It
Kirkus Reviews, the little digest that could make or break an upcoming book with a pre-publication review, is ceasing publication.

Librarians and independent book publishers relied on Kirkus since 1933 to help make its buying decisions, The staff of Kirkus was small, but it relied on a huge network of freelance reviewers to publish as many as 5,000