Inside Summer 2022
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Happily Ever After
For centuries, readers have adored romance. Has the time come to focus on the genre’s collectibility?
By Steve Ammidown
Saved for the Nation
UK heritage organizations raised $20 million to keep the Blavatnik Honresfield Library from leaving the country.
By Alex Johnson
Special Section
The Fine Books & Collections 2022–2023 guide to book clubs & societies, membership libraries, classes & seminars, events & exhibits, book fairs & festivals is now online!
Gently Mad
Bastions of Books
An interview with Andrew Pettegree and Arthur der Weduwen, authors of The Library: A Fragile History
Stalin’s library
Magic The Gathering cards
A Nurse’s Notes
Florence Nightingale’s inscription put this book over the top
In View
Ray Johnson’s Enigmatic Last Act
When “New York’s most famous unknown artist” tried photography
Beyond the Basics
Bibliographical Annotations
Bibliographies can be fascinating, even to non-collectors
Fine Maps
Mapping the St. Lawrence
A grueling eighteenth-century mapping project
From Henry VIII to MLK, Jr.
A roundup of first editions, manuscripts, maps, and fine art
On the Block
RBG’s Library
Younger bidders shaped the sale of the Supreme Court justice’s books
How I Got Started
Bird Books
Collector John Wattai
The typical fate of a television set and its contents post-production is not pretty; cast and crew may select a memento or two, but the scrap heap is…
There are many ways of reinterpreting our cultural heritage, but Shakespeare scholar and historian Ella Hawkins has come up with one of the most…
I am sitting in the beautiful, air-conditioned space of the gallery at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, looking at Women and the Making…