Book People

September 12, 2023
A life-sized bronze statue of Dame Agatha Christie has been unveiled in Wallingford, Oxfordshire
September 11, 2023
'Small performances' will allow researchers at Cambridge University Library to step back in time to look at the creation of one of the world’s most popular a
September 8, 2023
The Oxford Botanic Garden is continuing to celebrate its 400th anniversary - and
August 31, 2023
Our Bright Young Collectors series continues today with Oscar Salguero, of NYC, who recently won the grand prize in the 2023 David Ruggles Book Col
August 29, 2023
Wildfires which ripped through the Hawaiian island of Maui this month have also destroyed the Vintage European Posters gallery run by Alan Dickar on Front Street in Lahaina for more than two decade
August 27, 2023
The second annual David Ruggles Prize, the international book collecting priz
August 24, 2023
Those looking for holiday reading which won't eat into baggage allowance restrictions should take a look at the latest crop of titles from the always fascinating
August 23, 2023
If you're searching for a present for a bookish friend, the new quiz game about words and language League of the Lexicon is worth a look.
August 17, 2023
Strange Types & Odd Sorts, subtitled A Peek into the World of Print in Ireland, has just been publishe
August 16, 2023
Hard Case Crime will be published a lost novel by Rex Stout, "Seed on the Wind," in November.