Nate Pedersen

July 10, 2022
Boardwalk Empire, HBO's period drama about the early days of the mob in Atlantic City, offered some of the most compelling television in 201
July 10, 2022
She's one of the world's most beloved novelists, but we still don't really know what she looked like. 
July 9, 2022
This is Jane Austen:
July 6, 2022
Our Bright Young Booksellers series continues today with Oliver Darkshire of Hen
July 2, 2022
One ring to rule them all,

One ring to find them,

One ring to bring th
July 2, 2022
Charles Dickens turns 200 next week and commemorative exhibitions are already in full swing across the globe.  (Ch
July 1, 2022
Our series profiling the next generation of antiquarian booksellers continues today with Jesse Rossa, proprietor of Triolet Rare Books in Glendale, California.
June 23, 2022
Our Bright Young Booksellers series continues today with Erika Hapke Knowles, office manager at
May 25, 2022
Our Bright Young Librarians series continues today with Katherine Litwin, library director at the Poetry Foundation
May 11, 2022
Our Bright Young Collectors series continues today with Read Brown, of NYU, who won second place in the