Chris Lowenstein

May 19, 2009
Every time I return from a book fair I'm asked by family, friends,
and colleagues, "Was it a good fair?" I'm never entirely certain how to
answer that question.
May 13, 2009
Received today via the Ex-Libris email list from Terry Belanger,
University Professor, Honorary Curator of Specia
May 4, 2009
Back in February, I posted about the pilot of the airplane that safel
April 27, 2009
In the spring of 2007, only a few months after I had established Book Hunter's Holiday, my mentor encouraged me to try to attend the
March 25, 2009
Editor's Note: If you didn't get a chance to read
March 24, 2009
Last Friday, I left the cozy comfort of my small office (it's only a corner of my dining room) for the sophisticated
environs of the Electronic Arts campus.
March 15, 2009
Many years ago, when I was a first-year high school English teacher, I overheard some of the veteran teachers talking in the faculty room of our school.  The conversation went something like this:
February 25, 2009
You read that correctly.If you're a gamer, a regular player of video games, then you may already have heard . . .
February 18, 2009