Alright: It's more than a week overdue and I am still swimming in oceans of work to do after returning home from ten days on the road. Still, it's high time I wrote a little report of the 2010 San Francisco Antiquarian Book Fair. I put the boxes of books to be re-shelved to the side for the moment. Part 1 of my report appears today with more to follow tomorrow

While I was at the Golden Gate Park Book Fair Sunday, I answered a lot of questions for those who visited my booth. I'm used to the typical questions asked at book fairs about old books, rare books, and bookselling. What I wasn't expecting was this question from three people who were wandering the fair together:

"Would you mind if we took a picture of that book?"

I am carefully wading out of a sea of boxes full of books and portable book cases strewn across my dining room/office to give you a full report on this past weekend's Golden Gate Park Book Fair, held in the Hall of Flowers in San Francisco's beautiful Golden Gate Park. After that, I'll have to dive back in until all the books are put back on the shelves again.

The Golden

Sometimes we book lovers lament the state of the printed book. Will it be overtaken by electronic media? Why are so many booksellers closing their shops? Why are libraries using valuable floor space, once the real estate province of books, for computers? Everywhere we look, it seems that fewer and fewer care about the printed book.

But if we take the time to look closely,

Last Monday, October 5, 2009, Terry Belanger, founder of Rare Book School, gave a talk to the Book Club of California, a group which recently allowed the likes of me to become a new member. I was lucky enough to attend the event, held at the lovely

I really did not want you to have to start the weekend this way, but I just can't believe this.

I have no words.

Neither, apparently, will this school library when they're finished with it.

It will have a $50,000

Richard Minsky, of American Decorated Publishers' Bindings, 1872-1929 fame has started a new blog, American Book Covers.

Here are his comments on what he plans to do:

I started a blog

Every now and then I receive questions like this one from readers of the blog:

How do I tell if my Little House in the Big Woods is a 1st edition book or not? It looks like the 1st edition books that I have seen on the web but I am unsure. Any help you can give me is appreciated!

First, it's

I've spent the past few weeks trying to learn more about collecting and selling ephemera. While my primary focus is books, I'm also interested in the way ephemera can be used to complement a book collection or can form its own stand-alone collection. I wrote an earlier post about beginning to collect ephemera

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