handwritten manuscript

Given only six weeks to create the Star Wars movie score, composer John Williams ended up with 88 minutes of music which translated to about 800 pieces of sheet music.
An extraordinary selection of rarities from one of the world’s most highly regarded single-author collections, the Winston S.
Sun Yat-sen's hand-annotated typed manuscript titled How China Was Made a Republic has been auctioned for $75,625 by Boston-based RR Auction.
The Morgan Library & Museum will present Beatrix Potter: Drawn to Nature, running February 23 through June 9, an exhibition telling the life st
An archive of personal letters and writings by Henry Miller as well as his favorite blue bathrobe and paintings, goes under the hammer at Guernsey's t
Our Compelling Collections series continues today with Joy Bivins, director of the
The Raab Collection has discovered and is offering for sale a previously unknown and defining statement in the hand of Albert