King Charles III

July 11, 2023
This month marks 50 years since the British Library began operations in July 1973
June 14, 2023
Childhood drawings by King Charles III of his parents in grand a
May 4, 2023
Oxford University Press (OUP) has a rich history producing bibles, starting in the 16th century at a time when Shakespeare was alive, writes Clare
May 2, 2023
The history of binding in leather dates back as far as the six century and, withstanding the digitalisation of the publishing industry, is a specialized trade that remains in demand today, writ
May 1, 2023
The sixth-century Gospels of Augustine of Canterbury are the oldest surviving illustrated Latin Gospels in the world and the oldest non-archaeological artefact of any kind to have survived in Engla
April 20, 2023
Oxford University Press (OUP) has been commissioned by the Archbishop of Canterbury to produce the
April 19, 2023
Lambeth Palace Library is celebrating the forthcoming coronation of King Charles III through an exhibition showcasing
March 6, 2023
A letter written by King Charles III to his poorly ‘granny’ in 1955 when he was only six years old has been discovered in a loft, together with a copy of the Queen’s 1956 Christmas speech.